Sunday, 13 September 2015

Discover Bulgaria in the "Ark of Taste"

Ark of Taste is a project of the world-famous movement Slow Food. The catalog is a list of the unique, but threatened with extinction local foods, culinary practices, animal breeds and sorts of plants. Foods included in the list must be culturally or historically associated with a specific region, localion, socio-cultural community or traditional technology of production. Committee, chosen by Slow Food, selects the applications for the catalog. Ark of Taste is a direct analogy with Noah's ark. In the era of globalization, Ark of Taste aims to preserve the heritage of traditional local cultures in the world, which currently give way to Fast Food - fashion, mass production and patterns from advertisements and films. 

You are now able to visit the map of Bulgaria and to discover how abundant of meals our country is. All Bulgarian regions have unique animals, plants and know-how in preparation of food. 

Among the recipes in Ark of Taste there are two meals, already presented in this blog: How to make omach and Cheese from Chernichevo

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