I am...

I am a Bulgarian developmental and social psychologist, psychodrama director, and trainer. I am passionate about of organizational development, creative thinking and soft skills training, and intercultural communication. Recenty I am a PhD candidate at Sofia university.

My side interests include arts and culture, history, social issues, local cuisine & traditional know-how, nature, environment, and anthropology. As a volunteer in different social causes, I contribute for the creation of do-more-good culture in Bulgaria.  

I work on some small interdisciplinary research projects. One of them gain popularity in the net: it is called Haskovo Playgrounds

Professional mission 

Helping people, organizations and communities to become stronger. 


Life-long learning, nature conservation, education, human and social rights, open culture, children's participation, humanised urban design, social entrepreneurship, grassroots democracy and community development. 

Social media activity 

I write Conversation about psychology - a blog for applied psychology (in Bulgarian). I am a moderator in these Google+ communities: Environmental PsychologyPsychodrama & Sociodrama and Playgrounds.

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  1. Жорка, случайно видях една статия написана за теб в "Успелите". Едно време бяхме съквартиранти в Студенски град, ходихме посред зимата с двадесет литровите туби да си носим питейна вода. Поздрави!