Small & Local is a blog about the cultural traditions of small Bulgarian communities. Here I unite my professional interests and practice in the fields of Community psychology, Environmental psychology, and Cross-cultural communication with my amateur interests in Cultural anthropology, History, Slow food, Arts and Crafts, Ethnobiology, and Traditional ecological knowledge.

Here I write about:
  • local food and eating habits: production, preparation and conservation of food, recipes, culinary practices, eating habits of the people across Bulgaria.
  • local natural and historical landmarks - springs and rivers, forests and plains, mountain peaks and valleys which peacefully coexist with dolmens, castles, buildings, villages and areas from different cultures and historical periods. 
  • local knowledge and traditions: the specific local know-how in various domains, related to the traditional lifestyle of the Bulgarian communities, which is transmitted through generations.
  • local biocultural landscapes and seascapes: places and communities where biodiversity & human cultures are interrelated, coexist and flourish together. 
  • local folklore, customs, and oral traditions: combination of local  material and spiritual culture.

Written by an enthusiastic culture explorer and food lover!


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