Saturday, 4 October 2014

Delicious homemade cheese from Chernichevo

The people in the village of Chernichevo in Rhodope mountains produce cheese with a millennial know-how, preserved to this day in the village.

Cheese and yellow cheese here are manufactured in the same way as locals did it centuries ago. They say that a boiled milk must be "crossed" with a cold ayryan (to make cheese) or buttermilk (to make yellow cheese). This specific know-how must be maintained as part of the locals' traditional way of life and material culture, and to become the basis for future rural, cultural and culinary tourism in the area. Culinary travelers, tourists, restaurateurs, and authors of specialized TV shows, looking for the world's most delicious cheeses, will be amazed to try this one!
Best homemade cheese in the world!

I present to you Sevda Bostandzhieva - one of the most famous local experts on topics such as recipes, culinary practices, preparation and storage of food.
Mr and Mrs Bostandzhievi
This cheese is produced from 4 liters home-produced cow milk and a liter ayryan. Cheese can be produced from sheep's milk too.

When making the Chernichevo cheese, coagulation occurs almost instantly when airan is added, and then the fresh cheese curd is strained and washed. The curd is kneaded, salted, formed into small cakes and pressed under a stone. The finished cheese is kept refrigerated and dry until consumption. From about four liters of milk, about 200-300 grams of cheese can be produced. Production quantities, however, depends on the diet of the dairy animals. When pastures are richer, a larger quantity of higher quality cheese may be produced.

I can say without any hesitation that the cheese from Chernichevo is the most delicious cheese I've ever tasted! And believe me - I have tested dozens of different cheeses from various parts of Europe - from the green Alps and from the sunny Tuscan, from the fields of Wallachia and from the Cote d'Azur!

So don't delay - come and taste the most delicious homemade cheese in Europe!


  1. I always appreciate home made food and I would love to try this cheese. Thanks.. :-)

  2. The most delicious cheese, I know from personal experience :P