Sunday, 23 March 2014

Martin Smith's good life in Bulgaria

British photographer Martin Smith relocated from Scotland to Bulgaria several years ago. He is on of the 200+ British citizens in Haskovo district in South Bulgaria.

Martin and his Bulgarian wife Aneta have bought a farmhouse in Stambolovo (a rural region in South Bulgaria, famous for its red wine production).

Martin loves his new life in Bulgaria. He supports Slow Food and Buy Local movements and he found the Bulgarian countryside is the best place to realize his ideas. Here is his last weekend shopping from the local producers: fresh killed beef (6kg), 50 fresh eggs, fresh salad and a spectacular Merlot. Life's good here, says the satisfied Martin. 

Martin's groceries: some very typical Bulgarian village food. 

And here are two photos of Martin's new house. 
It's built in the 1940's, and the Smiths renovated it. 

Martin's house - view from the street
Martin's house - view from the yard
(before he planted the greenery)
And more photos from Martin's good life in Stambolovo:

Log Art - at least the birds are grateful
Figs, just picked from the tree
Fruits from the garden
Sweet grape... mmmmm

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