Saturday, 21 December 2013

Seven centuries later: did the dance remain the same?

Two months ago I wrote a post about medieval Bulgarians' life, seen through the frescoes of churches and monasteries from the 13th and 14th centuries. The post become very popular and this is not my merit - it is because of these spectacular masterpieces which bring the millennial heritage of the Bulgarian people. 

Today I will show you something really cool: (at least) seven centuries old tradition in folk dances. 

14th century: Bulgarian horo dancers from the Tower of Hrelyo in Rila monastery, 1334-35.
This is the medieval original: dancers hold their hands over one another. This approach is still in use today! Look at the picture below. It was taken several hours ago in the south Bulgarian town of Harmanli - seven centuries later the tradition is still alive!

21st century: Bulgarian amateur horo dancers from the town of Harmanli
during their repetition
, 2013.
So, did the dance remain the same? I can't claim this with certainty but obviously the approach that dancers use to hold their hands, is the same.

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